Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Tarheel1954

January 6, 2021
I am lucky to be one of the original pre-order buyers. Mine is still sealed, in plastic, in the road case. I have never opened and played the discs as my LP12 is the Valhalla version, 33 RPM only. One of these days I'll upgrade my TT and play the crap out of them.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 8bitBarry

January 19, 2021
Thats like bank vaulting a vintage guitar - get playing! I have an LP12 / Naim Aro and thats 45 / 33... is it a power supply upgrade?

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin JordanEffe

December 16, 2020
Neanche tanto 6.970€ per 4 dischi, quasi quasi per Natale me lo tolgo sto sfizio...

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin iAmSemprini

February 11, 2020
Splitting up the live Dazed and Confused on 2 sides?! Parts 1 & 2...wow. It didn't work for 8- tracks - it doesn't work for vinyl. That someone would pay such a ridiculously exorbitant price for such an asinine product is mind boggling. And based on lcdlover's review, the company went into bankruptcy partially as a result. I'll stick with my originals, warts and all.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin beau96080

February 11, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
i thought the same exact thing. Splitting up long tracks into "parts" just sounds ridiculous to me. I have the first zeppelin album by Classic Records pressed at 33RPM's and it sounds phenomenal, but I can't imagine getting up every 10 minutes to put another record on just to finish a single album.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin lcdlover

December 23, 2019
Hi. The website mentioned below tells the tale: the 2006 initial price was $700, It is "generally accepted" less than 500 sets were issued, and that the label, Classic Records, went to such extremes in the (successful) quest for the highest quality Zep recording of all time, they spent themselves into a tail-wags-dog bankruptcy, as shortly after the Led Zep suitcase hit the streets (as it were),the spendthrift manufacturing outfit hit the skids, climbing the stairway to Chapter 11 heaven. So, the bankruptcy judge having shown no quarter, the owners were forced to ramble on, there would be no second pressing of the GOAT title, leaving the would-be buyer SOOL, standing around like a fool in the rain, petting his or her black dog and thinking about what was and what should never be. Ten years on, or ten years after, rather*, a new used record store rollinrecs.com comes online, or "re launched" as explained on the site's "about" section, in a weird, almost awkward way, that makes one think they're hiding something, or running away from something (the bankruptcy judge-whose-soul-was-created-below comes to mind).
The website has some real interesting slabs, but I perused it with no indication that these were used, excuse me "second hand" recs only mentioned in the site in small print. No grading system is employed but sometimes condition is alluded too for a given record album.
Anyway they have the big wadiddli - the release that put the box in box set - mint condish, as its owner kept the wax trax on ice, "mostly unplayed" and "acquired from the original owner who had it in storage for over 10 years" hmm. I'm suspicious. Oh and lacking is the cost at which is offered - everything else on the site they tell you straight up what they want - you have to call for the asking price this one. Sheesh. What I was originally going to comment before I got sidetracked was that didn't PIL do something similar around 1978 releasing a tin of high quality 12"-ers that comprised I think their second elpee, and called it Metal Box? I could have looked it up but what fun is that?

*Sorry reader, I just finished reading "All 87 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked: Every song ever recorded by Zep, listed from worst to first" over at Spin dot com - click bait at its best actually.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin almost_archival

March 2, 2020
Metal Box was originally issued in the box form only, except ironically for a cassette version in, err, a plastic box. My Metal Box now has a nice patina on it after 40+ years of ownership but the vinyl sounds great. Subsequent pressings without the box (and I think 33 1/3 RPM) were called Second Issue.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin rich121

January 17, 2020
edited about 1 year ago

Quite a non-factually story you tell... funny... this box was released in 2006, Classic went out of business in 2009/10... nothing to do with this box, but a multitude of reasons, probably most of which were issues with pressing 200g vinyl.
The box was limited to one pressing because the contract allowing them to press LZ material was terminated shortly after... rumored was that the original contract did not allow for the 45RPM box, thus the termination after the first pressing.
I have this boxset and the quality is quite nice.
Really too bad Classic could not overcome the pressing issues... also the owner was not well and passed a short time after selling to Acoustic Sounds.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin geeyp

July 7, 2018
Let me see here. Four one-sided records per lp. Get yerself a Magnavox stereo with a Garrard auto t.t. You can stack these just like 7" 45s and play one entire lp without having to get up! If you want to; after all, a purchase like this (at its original price which was how much?) means you own two (one kept sealed and one to play.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin swil_wilson

February 4, 2021
That's a really, really convenient solution. What a great idea!

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin RoloJam

April 10, 2019
They were $700. If you could get one. I got one.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin leonthepro

August 5, 2017
If only this was affordable. I wonder what it costed to buy when it came out.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin REENO

February 3, 2021
Affordable? This cost a load of $$$ to manufacture.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin drbryant

November 16, 2020
In Japan, it retailed for 140,000 Yen, or around $1200 - $1300 depending on the exchange rate. However, many copies were "dished". Only a few made it to Japan. I bought one of the best used copies I could find early on for about $2000 US, and I play tested all 48 disks to check for warps and centering issues before buying. About a year later, the store I bought it from offered to buy it back from me for $3000.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin mrrockandroll

July 1, 2020
Whatdaya' mean, regrets? Your Led albums rocked your world, didn't they?

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin HighFidelityLA

September 30, 2019
When it was originally released it sold for $700 and was only released in a very limited run

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin gbayemporium

September 26, 2019
*cost* not costed. *cost* not costed. *cost* not costed.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin albarba

January 26, 2019
I remember seeing this for sale thinking it was a rip off at $750...The individual 200g records were $30. Didn't buy either and now my zep collection is a bunch of played to death thrift store finds:(
Talk about regrets

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin leonthepro

October 8, 2017
The original price was USD699.00. I paid roughly AUD900.00, for my copy.


Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Stevebywong

October 7, 2017
The original price was USD699.00. I paid roughly AUD900.00, for my copy.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin KDSutherland

November 5, 2016
would be happy to part with £2k for this..... I want bad!

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin uncdoug

July 11, 2016
This set is the thing that dreams are made of. That and credit cards with large limits.